Alternative Door Application Discussion

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Traditional doors that are available may not be suitable or appropriate for the location.  Normally Hinged doors, Bi-fold doors, Sliding doors, Folding doors, or Pocket doors are used in locations that are inappropriate and therefore compromises. 

Double hinged swinging doors often require a large amount of swing room and then once they are open, take up valuable wall space that is needed for furniture pieces.   The wider the opening the greater the problem. Installation often restricts wall switch and receptacle placement and can create undesirable door overlap.   A door should never open across another door.  Any door that may normally be left open should never be in the way when it is open and a door should never swing where someone is apt to be standing or sitting. Eight foot to twelve foot wide openings are not practical applications for double hinged doors because of the massive width and weight that would be required.

Sliding doors often are not the solution.  Sliding doors traditionally are available as “slide by” where only one half of the doorway is accessible at any given time.  Another type “Full slide” doors require a massive amount of wall space that causes problems with wall switch and receptacle placement and renders the wall useless for other needs. 
Pocket doors also slide but inside the wall.   Pocket doors require expensive construction, removal or avoidance of electrical wires, plumbing pipes, wall switches and receptacles.   Pocket doors also are difficult to operate and can be a nuisance with frequent use.
Bi-fold doors are often used in preference to sliding or hinged doors, particularly for closets.  They have disadvantages.  Even when open, bi-folds always block part of the doorway and can be a real annoyance when installed in closets that aren’t walk-in.  A disturbing characteristic of double bi-fold doors is that when you close one side the other side often pops open.  This is, at least in part, because as you close one door, air pressure builds up in the closet that forces the other door to open.  Louvered bi-folds can alleviate this annoyance but don’t put them on laundries or you’ll have a serious noise problem.  Louvered doors cannot shut out the sound.  Most bi-fold doors don’t close snugly and are prone to sloppy, noisy action that simply equates to a low quality feeling.  And after time, they frequently sag.
Folding doors are not usually an acceptable alternative.  You give up the traditional appearance and the usual desire to more or less match the other doors in the building or the room and that “solid door” feeling.   Folding doors do not allow for full doorway opening and unless latched, have a tendency to spring open.
Now there is an alternative with Slide Swingwide doors.   The Slide Swingwide is an quality door system that has advantages that solve many of the problems with conventional doors for wide opens.   Click advantages to see a list of the advantages and features and how the door works its magic.