A Slide Swingwide interior door is a unique functioning door that offers building flexibility, opportunities and solves common doorway problems where conventional doors would be compromises. If a wide door is needed or desired, conventional doors often have either swing room that takes up too much area, or sliding doors that only allow 50% access at any given time or bi-folds that sag or "clunk" and pop open during use. Pocket doors are sometimes the answer but they often have construction cost that is too expensive and can be undesirable for other reasons.   The Slide Swingwide alternative is often the best choice for a number of reasons.


The Slide Swingwide door is a dual action functioning door that first slides part way open and then swings fully open for 100% unobstructed doorway access on a much smaller swing radius that is from 1/3 to 1/2 that of a conventional hinged door.  It swings open for 100% unobstructed doorway access.  It runs solid, smooth and quiet and they have other advantages.

WIDE DOOR WIDTH … depending on the door model and type, Slide Swingwide doors are available for doorway openings from 2 feet to 18 feet.
NO MAJOR NEW CONSTRUCTION IS REQUIRED … for most applications, a Slide Swingwide door can be installed in existing doorways or even if a doorway is not present.

COST EFFECTIVE … Slide Swingwide offers doors that are available as standard semi-custom to 100% custom.   Doors are available from low cost molded hollow core models all the way up to full custom solid oak, cherry, teak and other solid hardwood construction with wood, tempered glass and acrylic panels in the full size range up to 18 feet wide.   Inexpensive to upscale premium construction … a door to suit most applications in size, function, appearance and cost.  





Add A Wide Door In A Room-To-Room Doorway




Install A Door That Opens Only On One Side



Divide A Large Room Into Two Rooms




Create An Ultra-Wide Closet Without Major Construction






Close Off An Apartment Kitchen Area





Apartment Partition Solutions




Institutional Doors






Wheelchair Access & Senior Friendly Living


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